Hello, my name is Rosemary and I began this produce exchange with the help of my husband, Kevin.

The idea of the community produce exchange began when we realized we had successfully produce over 300 passionfruit on a single vine.

While wildly prolific this vine presented to be, we were also presented with more fruit than a family could reasonably consume. 

We decided to find a neighborhood forum to offer a trade for homegrown produce with the idea of avocados or lemons in mind.  

This fueled a big conversation.

Three days and over 100 comments later, it seemed that we had only one option: Create a community based produce trade with no monetary transactions



From a pop up tent in a blooming field spring of  2019 and standing with a straw hat on, we have made our way to join efforts with the San Carlos Community Garden and host our once-monthly trade at their beautiful location on Boulder Lake.


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