Second trade @ Lake Murray Trade (April)

We did it! Our first trade at Lake Murray was a huge success last month and I wanted to post pictures of the wonderful vegetables and fruit (don't forget the herbs!) we had to share. We definitely met a few new people, with the joy of seeing some old faces as well.

We have been experiencing some scheduling issues with the unexpected rains, but hope to see everyone back this coming weekend. Feel free to post trade dates on your social media or platform of your choice to draw a larger crowd in :)

With the wonderful rains and citrus filling our trees, we were able to trade more citrus than our hearts, hands, and mouths could hold. Herbs and leaves of all types are welcome, as well as newly seeded plants, seeds, and other gardening friendly goodies. These trades are much more than gaining fruit for our homes, it's been about friendship, laughter, and just talking about anything growing or happening under the sun.

This trade featured giant lemons that we were lucky enough to see, trade, and taste. Only in California ...

Also, many of saw (for the first time) lima beans! The grower/ trader told us how to prepare and cook them for all that didn't know or have any experience. I can't speak for everyone that comes to the trade, but I am just so thankful for all the wonderful gardeners, backyard pickers, and plant eaters alike. Meeting and speaking to everyone has been such a rewarding and great time. Hope to see you soon.

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