Ok everyone, Let’s meet at my house this Sunday at 9:00 am for the first garden goodies exchange. For those of you who can’t make it until after church, drop off your garden goodies Saturday evening between 5 and 8 pm along with an empty box with your name on it. Then Sunday morning, as each person brings their items, they can drop a few of what they brought into your box! Then you can come over when convenient and get your box that will be left for you on the front porch. Then nobody gets left out. Sunday morning I will have a few tables out on the “frass” (fake grass) where we can put our items to share. Maybe those who don’t have anything to share can be helpers and earn a box. My yard really isn’t that large so once you get your goodies you can head over to the driveway area to socialize. I think we can complete the exchange in one hour so we can get on enjoying the rest of our Sunday. No money exchanged!

It’ll be disorganized and crazy at first, but as we learn what works for us, we can improve our process. Let’s leave our egos at the sidewalk and all be helpers, but most importantly, have fun!

See you this Sunday, April 7, 9am, 6855 Monte Verde Drive. Please note we have video cameras surrounding the house so our activities will be recorded.

More thoughts: Maybe we can have a tasting station? I’m trying to keep things simple so if someone is interested in helping do that, please do so. I’ll set out an extra table for potential tasting in the driveway. Maybe someone who has no garden items can bring chips and make some guacamole at the tasting table? If this idea interests you, please bring your own bowl and whatever else you’ll need to make a tasting table work.

And if you have an extra folding table, please put it in your car and bring it in case we need it?

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