First trade was a SUCCESS !

Thank you to each and every one that made it out to see us this last Sunday at the first trade. Our gracious host, Elaine, made sure to have tables, fruit labeling system, and bags to improve the trading efficiency before anyone arrived. As the morning progressed, people begun trickling in with gifts of fresh produce and enthusiasm.

The produce featured at the first trade included green onions, three types of lemons, passion fruit, cilantro, parsley, daikon radish, oregano, tangelos, grapefruit and fresh flowers.

With Sunday sunshine, fresh guacamole being made at a side table, and freshly baked lemon - cranberry muffins, it was easy to see our first success.

Discussions about future trading needs

Signing up to bring specific produce to ensure that we don't have excess or harvest unnecessarily from trees/ ground

Update: There is now an embedded sheet on the "events" page that will display the person and items. Please message me with the produce and quantity that you plan to bring. Estimates are perfectly fine.

The possibility of multiple locations and/or the need to change locations from Lake Murray in the event that parking was full.

We also discussed the possibility of door-to-door picking service in efforts to include elderly, disabled and uninformed neighbors. We insisted that people would go in sets of two or more to remain safe.

I am also happy to introduce the forum aspect of the website where members can post their own posts to create discussions of their own.

Next is the gallery of pictures - SO STAY TUNED!

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