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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Thank you everyone for your deep interest in this grassroots community gathering and trading of produce. This idea was born from a prolific passion fruit vine with an embarrassing amount of wastage each year. I knew that we couldn't be the only ones with produce items going to waste and we also couldn't be the only ones feeling responsible for the excess wastage. So here we are. Here we all are, speaking up and creating a sustainable way to improve this situation. I suspect hiccups and small bumps along the way - but nonetheless, worth it. We may all live in the area, but this is how you build a community.

I am by no means a professional website designer. I sought to create a space where we could expand our discussions and interact - there are many areas of improvement and I am open to any and all suggestions. At the moment, I am trying to include a section where polls can be enabled to collect votes on dates, times, and places. Next on my list is creating a section where users can post threads, connecting a calendar, assembling points of contact, and gathering volunteers for future communications. For now, feel free to comment to this blog and I will continue to work steadily on this.

Please visit the 'EVENTS' page to see that Elaine has proposed to meet in her front yard to discuss the dynamics of the trading process. If you are interesting in giving your opinion or would like to become more involved, we would really appreciate it. If you simply have too much produce and would like to trade - that is perfectly okay as well.

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