What is up with our new location at the San Carlos Community Garden ?

Well let me tell you.

During our third trade, a wonderful woman introduced the idea of moving our location to the community garden up the road. With many comments of having multiple locations, shade, easier places to part, etc ... we jumped on the idea. After meeting with the women of the garden's leadership team, we unanimously agreed that it would be a perfect connection to make.

What could be better than bringing a produce trade to a location where produce is grown! This union drives our fruit trade deeper into the community and grows the parts that make it better than simply swapping fruit - the people. It's each and every single one of you that show up and bring fruit, bring flowers, laugh, and leave happy that make this trade an event each month. It's you who makes up this community that decide to share you have grown with neighbors that have not.

If you have not come before, you must next time - because it takes no longer than a few minutes to realize we are trading much more than fruit. We are trading names, smiles, and connections that foster and grow root into true community and connection.

The new location also brings the consistency we lacked as a trade and allows us to schedule dates regularly:

Fourth Saturday of each month

9:30 - 11:00 am

This garden is open to the public during these hours and membership will not be necessary.

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