We started this summer off with the expected gloom that June can bring - but have now entered the truest feelings of summer, oppressive heat. This trade will take place in the morning before the weather takes hold of us and it will be scheduled for an hour.


June 23

@ 9:30 - 10:30 am

I would like if submissions of produce would be made through the submission form located at the bottom the screen too! This helps to ensure that both over-picking and wastage don't happen.

I also wanted to mention that Channel 10 reached out to do an interview about our produce trade. They randomly stumbled on us and loved the idea of coming out to see what we have made with one another. I informed the producer of our next trade and they said they will pass it a long to see if they can come out that day. I will keep everyone posted as I hear more.

This sun has been ripening many tomatoes, squash of all kind is reaching great heights (and lengths), the corn is standing tall and peaches have come and gone in our yard alone. I can't wait to see the produce gifts we have coming in the next couple weeks.

I can't wait! See you there!


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